1. All players/team officials must adhere to the rules and regulations of the tournament, or they will not be eligible for entry or participation.
  2. This tournament is a non-sanctioned men's full-contact and ladies non-contact event.
  3. All Hockey Canada Rules apply.
  4. Teams must include two First Nations, two Métis and two non-Indigenous players from any community. Proof of Métis Citizenship or Treaty Status is required and must be shown to the Tournament Committee. Prior to tournament, verification needs to be approved. No proof will result in players not being allowed to play in tournament.
  5. Indigenous players can play for any team; however, they cannot be registered as both a First Nations and a Métis Citizen.
  6. Teams are limited to one current/ex-NHL player, two active CHL players and two active Usport/NCAA players.
  7. First roster is the final roster. In the event of a dispute where a player is listed on two rosters, that player must play for the team for which they played their first game.
  8. Players must play Friday or Saturday to play in the Sunday finals.
  9. Eligible Players: A team shall be composed of no more than 20 players (18 skaters and two goalies).
  10. Top team of the draw bracket will be the home team.
  11. Any intoxicated players will not be allowed to play. The onus is on the team to sit out that player.
  12. All players must wear visors. Under 18 must wear neck guards and full cage.
  13. Abuse (verbal or otherwise) of officials will not be tolerated. Players are expected to conduct their behaviour in a sportsmanlike manner. Any issues of abuse or harassment will be dealt with by the Tournament Committee.
  14. One 30-second timeout per game per team.
  15. Seven goal mercy rule in effect. After the seventh goal, the game will be called.
  16. If game results in a tie at end of regulation, it will result in a five-minute stop time three-on-three OT. If still tied after OT, we go to a three-player shootout. If the game is still tied, teams will select one different shooter until the game is decided. Teams must go through entire bench before players can shoot again.
  17. Minor penalties will be three minutes during straight time. Two minutes during stop time.
  18. Fighting will result in a five-minute major penalty plus a game misconduct. Any player may serve the penalty. If the fight is within the last 10 minutes of the game the penalized player will also be suspended for the next game. A player’s second
    fight will result in the player being ejected from the Tournament. The ref’s call in this situation cannot be protested. Multiple fight rule applies.
  19. Intent to injure, at the ref’s discretion, will result in an automatic ejection from Tournament. No exceptions. The ref’s call in this situation cannot be protested.
  20. All games will consist of two 25-minute periods. Last three minutes of the second period will be stop time if there is a three-goal difference or less.
  21. Final game will be three 20-minute periods. The third period will be stop time. Seven Goal Mercy Rule will be in effect.
  22. Tournament is modified with a one-game final (B-side winner does not have to win twice).
  23. Due to time constraints, all teams are expected to be ready to start as per schedule.
  24. Five skaters and one goalie required to start game or six players and no goalie. No exceptions.
  25. A goal will be awarded every five minutes an opposing team does not show up on ice, and game will be called after first period.
  26. Clock will start on schedule (except for unforeseen events or when games get bumped up).
  27. Referee’s decision is final. Referee’s call cannot be protested.
  28. All protests must be submitted in writing and accompanied by $1000.00 (cash only) before the end of the first period of the game. Win or lose, non-refundable.
  29. The Protest Committee will be comprised of: the Head Referee, one Tournament Committee member, and three other individuals assigned by the Tournament Committee.
  30. The Tournament Committee, Métis Nation–Saskatchewan and Rod Hamm / Harold Latrace Arenas are not responsible for thefts, vandalism, accidents, or injuries to players or their belongings.
  31. Coincidental penalties will result in a four-on-four.
  32. Teams MUST have two sets of jerseys.

These rules have been adapted from the PAGC Tournament Rules. All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.